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Local people and businesses are offering a range of discounts and free services for Ukrainian guests. You can also get support with food, transport, haircuts and eye care, as well as access to the local gym and venues. Some of these are outlined below and you will find out about others if you join the Love Ukraine community.

The Ringwood Foodbank can also provide SIM cards for Ukrainians arriving in Ringwood. If you are outside the Ringood Foodbank area, you can obtain them from Wavelength (working with Vodafone). 

Please see our Thank You section to get an idea of the many individuals, charities and local businesses who want to help Ukrainian people at this time of great need. We stand with you.

Love Ukraine
For Ukrainians : About Us


Access to hairdressers for Love Ukraine Guests staying in the area. 


Information on getting around, including free bus passes or getting a bicycle. 


The Ringwood Food Bank can provide SIM cards and emergency food supplies and there is also a Community Fridge and Fareshare Food Larder.


We may be able to help you with finding good quality clothes

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