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Boutique Clothing Shop


We are very fortunate to be able to provide you with clothing you may require whilst you are staying here. We have lots of links in to the community and are able to respond to most requests very quickly, including school uniforms for children. 


For any women's clothing, we are working with Wardrobe Foundation who are local to the area. They are wonderful quality clothes and can provide a foundation for a wardrobe for each lady. Items include all clothing, new underwear, shoes, coats and scarves. They can also support with clothing for a job interview or formal wear for office work. Click below to read more and fill in an application form with your details to receive women's clothing. 


If you require any children's or baby's clothing when you arrive, please contact us via the below form, or let your hosts know what you might need and we can request via the local community. For school uniforms, once your child has a place within a certain school, you can contact the school directly with your child's needs and they will provide. If you have an older child who would fit into adult women's clothing, rather than children's, please use the Wardrobe Foundation above. 


There are a number of local 'charity shops' who provide good quality second hand clothing for very low cost. You'll be able to find clothing for women, men and children, and lots of them sell other household items and childrens toys too. There are links to some of the shops on the map below. 

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