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A few of the people behind Love Ukraine Ringwood 


Our shared vision is to provide a safe, stable and welcoming environment for people coming to this area
from the war in Ukraine and to help them integrate into our local community


Owen Griffith
Group Chair


Kevin Jones
Churches Together in Ringwood


Catriona Duncan
Guest Support


Lynne Griffith
Health and Wellbeing


Kirsty Shutler
Community Coordinator and Locator of Useful Stuff


Emma Hawker

Key contacts: Team

About Us

Love Ukraine Ringwood was initiated by Churches Together in Ringwood (CTiR), building on the Love Ringwood initiative. It seeks to be inclusive and affirming of all who share the vision, including those of any faith or none. We believe that working together is more effective than working independently. 


Regardless of our beliefs and background, we share a vision to provide a safe, stable and welcoming environment for people coming to the Ringwood area from the war in Ukraine and integrating them into the community, and we seek to work with all who would like to work with us in achieving those aims.


Our core values have been adapted from those of the Ringwood Foodbank which are Compassion, Justice, Community and Dignity.


Compassion: We stand in solidarity with people that need assistance in fleeing the war and destruction in Ukraine. We put the wellbeing of these people above everything else. We always uphold and protect their dignity.


Justice: We are motivated by a desire to see a more just society. It’s not right that anyone has to flee their home due to aggression and war. Everyone should have a place where they can feel safe and live their lives in freedom.


Community: We believe we share the responsibility to support one another in our communities. 


Dignity: We recognise the innate value of each individual person and seek to prioritise the other person’s needs and concerns in the spirit of mutuality and friendship, regardless of background.


We share a concern for the refugee, in line with the saying “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”.  

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