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Canned Food


The Ringwood Foodbank is here to provide essential food for those until the Universal Credit payments from the government are received. 

Items you can receive in a food parcel typically include breakfast cereal, soup, pasta, rice, pasta sauce, tinned beans, tinned meat, tinned vegetables and fruit, tea and coffee, sugar, biscuits and snacks. 

Our foodbank can usually adapt your food parcel to meet your dietary needs, for example, gluten free, halal or vegetarian


There is a 'community fridge' set up in RIngwood. It is totally free to turn up and the purpose is to save food wastage from local shops being put in the bin. It operates on a 'first come, first served' basis and you can join the Facebook page to find out when the fridge is open. It is located outside and inside of Ringwood Library. 

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Food Box


The Food Larder offer subsidised food via a van that comes to Ringwood every Friday at 1.30pm. You need to register to become a member and you will recieve a food bag each week for a minimal cost. You can find out more and register below for this service. 

There are also two mobile phone apps that can help you get low cost food in the area. On a UK phone, you can download 'Too Good To Go' which stops food close to its sell by date going in the bin. Its usually a very minimal cost and only available immediately, rather than in advance. 

OLIO works by connecting people in the community that have excess food to give away, rather than to bin it. It does also have a non-food section for other items. Food is usually free to collect from others houses. 

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