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There is a local bus (Ringo) that serves the Ringwood area.

You can get to Bournemouth and Salisbury via the Morebus X3 bus. This also stops at Bournemouth Hospital. You can get a National Express coach to Southampton, London or some of the big airports. 

There are free bus passes for Ukrainians. These are valid for 3 months. They are being issued for Bluestar Buses which is not the main bus service in Ringwood, however, the Hampshire County Council transport team have told us that the Bluestar App will also work with Morebus and Ringo services. Please do let us know if you experience any problems so that we can feed this back to HCC and ensure it is working well.


Please also note that from January 2023, all single fares will be capped at £2, which will be beneficial when the free bus passes expire.  


The main bus stop is pictured here.

It is next to the main car park in Ringwood.


You can catch a train from Bournemouth, Brockenhurst, Southampton or Salisbury. You can get to these via the above bus networks. 

Trains can go all over the country, as well as easy and quick access in to London. Fares are often much cheaper if booked in advance and off peak can be cheaper than travelling at peak times. 

Two Man Bicycle Store


The bicycle shop in Ringwood, Cycle Rescue, are willing to try and help source bikes locally - they are very friendly and keen to help out if they can.

You can phone at 01425 501227 or email at

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