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Help your Host

For many people, the best option is to stay with their host. Most arrangements come to an end because of one or more of the following factors:

a. Change of circumstances

b. Stress of hosting longer term

c. Financial concerns

d. Remote location with no transport

Some of these are out of your control. However, there are things you can do to make it a better experience for you and your host.

The key is to talk. If your English is not good, try using a language app (SayHi or Google Translate) or invite a bilingual friend round to help you with important discussions.

Help with Cooking
For Ukrainians : About Us

#1 The cost of living crisis

Energy bills have almost doubled since last winter and will rise again. Mortgage rates, petrol, food and daily costs have also increased over the last year. Many households are very worried and are taking steps to reduce their costs - less travel, turning the heating down, less cooking, cheaper food, keeping doors and windows closed. It costs 68p/h to run an oven, 58p/hour to boil a pan. For small dishes, the microwave is cheapest.  

#2 Ask about Rent-a-Room

Hosts receive payments from the government, but for many this does not cover all of their extra costs of Hosting. It may be possible to switch to the Rent-a-Room scheme. This can be worth up to £625/month (tax free). 

Talk to your host about whether this might help. We can help you make the switch.

#3 Notice the Differences

We are finding that many hosts and their guests have tension because of unspoken differences. Different ways of cooking or cleaning or using the fridge. Different bed times for children. Different ways of showing appreciation. Different approaches to day-to-day life. These little differences can build up over time. Talk about the differences you see. They do matter.

#4 Talk with your Host

Above all, find ways to communicate with your hosts. Being in the UK is an ideal opportunity to learn or improve your English - your hosts will appreciate any efforts to learn and have a go, even if you make mistakes. For more important conversations, see if you can invite a bilingual friend to help you. There is a link to SayHi here.

#5 Transport Problems

Being far from your workplace, school or shops can create difficulties for you and your host if you don't have means of transport. If you need help with transport please contact NFDC or Love Ukraine, we may be able to help in some cases.

#6 Changing circumstances

Your circumstances might change. Your host's situation might change too. It is good to start thinking about how to prepare for a time after hosting. There are things you can do now to make it easier later - build up your credit rating, improve your English, find out more about your options. Talk with your host about their expectations. Read through some of the ideas for Housing. 

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