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Dia's Gallery

Thank you for coming!
My name is Dia, but in my art I'm signing like Moreva (which is, in closest interpretation to English, will be Sea-va). I am Ukrainian and before the war I used to live in Kyiv, the capital of my country. We've been living in England for almost a year now.
I started my art journey as I was a kid, but never took it seriously - it was just a hobby. In winter 2022 I got to it more persistently, opening acrylic paints and canvases for myself and using art as some kind of a therapy or a possibility to express myself.
Same year, last winter, a couple of my works got sold and I was planning to open my own shop, but when the war started in February 2022, the idea faded away a little bit.
Now, as I'm in Britain, I can live and create in safety, so I can think about working as an artist again, and this exhibition may be the first step in that direction.
I appreciate your attention and help. If you can, please, donate for Ukraine in a special box at the Gallery (Megan Holman Room, Greyfriars Community Centre, Ringwood) or via Just Giving - even one pound can change everything.
Thank you.
With love,

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