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Mental Health

If you are registered with a GP you can access for help with mental health issues. Here you will find classes or webinars on e.g. relaxation skills or managing moods, as well as how to access one-to-one specialist support. The button below will take you to specific advice for those fleeing conflict. is a website with useful links to a whole range of local services. For relevant information it is necessary to go to the Community Directory and select the area in which you live (New Forest). Mental Health services can be found under the Specific Needs tab. Advice for under 18s can be found in the Families Information and Services Hub.


Children and Young People

Save The Children have issued advice on talking to children about conflict see:

ChatHealth for parents of children aged 0-5 and 5-19

This is a free text messaging service with the Public Health Nurses in Hampshire. If you have a child aged 0-5 years, text 07520 615720. If you have a child aged 5 -19 years text 07507 332417.

ChatHealth for Young People aged 11 – 19 years

This is a free text messaging service with a school nurse in Hampshire. Text 07507 332160.

Hampshire Youth Access:

This provides counselling, advice and support for children and young people.


Kooth is a free, safe and anonymous place for young people to find online support and counselling.

Further Support

If you are struggling and do not wish to talk to a GP there are also support organisations with helplines to telephone or websites where you can talk in confidence to a trained advisor.

Or call 0808 808 8000

Or call 0845 7909 090

Support group

Further Support in Ukrainian and Russian

Barnardo's have set up a Ukranian support helpline to provide holistic support service and advice.

The Helpline is available to anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

You can telephone them or visit their website. 

Or call 0800 148 8586


Sane support online are offering daily Zoom trauma and resilience classes every day at 19.30 Ukraine time.

Dedicated to all Ukrainians – ex-pats, refugees, and those staying in the country – that need practical psychological and emotional support in the current situation. This will be led by experts and translated into Ukrainian.

Learn about the odd but normal things you are experiencing, what you can do to stay sane in this extremely challenging circumstances and connect in small groups where you can speak with your people in your language.

You can find out more and join the session here. 

The Trauma Resource Institute have produced four webinars offering a message of hope to people impacted by events in Ukraine. They can be accessed on the below link, which takes you to the recorded sessions. 

Whilst this is written for humanitarian and emergency responders it provides useful guidance in supporting those with trauma, both adults and children. It is written in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. 

Well mind app is a free app for mental health and well-being run by the nhs

Healthier together website has all sorts of health information but also has a mental health section with useful information for parents and hosts 

Young minds charity 

Information for families seeking refuge from conflict in their home country


We have collected some useful documents, both in English and in Ukrainian listed below. Each one may help you and support you during this difficult time. 

This pack is designed to support children with dealing with their stress


If you are hosting and would like to support your guests, you can use the below links for support documents in English. 


We are friendly people. If you are worried about your mental health or that of someone else, talk to us. Most of us are just volunteers, so we cannot advise or provide therapy, but we can listen and we do care. 

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