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Volunteering: Volunteers

At Love Ukraine Ringwood, our vision is to provide a safe, stable and welcoming environment for people coming to the Ringwood area from the war in Ukraine and help them to integrate into the community. We want to support the amazing people who are willing to open up their homes at this time of crisis and we want to help them to find guests who could be a good match for their circumstances. We are also building a network of people in Ringwood and the surrounding area - hosts, guests and volunteers, who can build strong, lasting friendships and support one another.

The matching process is a key part of this where we seek to:

  1. provide hosts and guests good quality information

  2. look for potentially good matches between hosts and guests

  3. introduce potential hosts and guests and empower them to make their own decision

  4. signpost hosts and guests to where they can get additional help and support

  5. work with schools and the local community to help our guests integrate well when they arrive

The high level process is outlined below.

matching process.PNG
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