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Private Rental

Top Tips for getting Private Rental:
* Prepare a detailed budget of what you can afford
* Talk to the job centre and local council about your benefits and any help available
* Download our customisable outline about you to share with the Estate Agent and Landlord

* Have character references available

* Build up your credit rating and have a deposit

* Sign up to search engines (Rightmove, Zoopla, Facebook) to get alerts

* Be the first to appointments and make a decision immediately
* Take an English-speaking person with you (your host, a British friend, or NFDC)

* Be flexible and decide quickly

Consider joining forces with friends to share a rental.

This can be more affordable then going it alone.

You can download our draft co-sharing template here.

Further local and national information is available at the links here. 

Here is some information on where to find properties to rent:


Here is some information on how much benefit may you be entitled to:
DirectGov-LHA Rates (

Acts 4 Sharing are an amazing local charity who can assist with essential furniture and equipment. You can contact them directly or via Love Ukraine Ringwood. 

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