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What are my housing options? 


If you have worries about your future housing, there is help available.

You will not be put "on the street" - the council has a duty to find accommodation for you. However, it is really important to give them time to help - otherwise you could be placed in emergency accommodation which might be in a different town and you may have to move from place to place.

Talk to your council and to Love Ukraine. Your main options are outlined below.


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Talk to your host regularly about anything you can do
to make it work well and about their plans and
expectations. If there are tensions, problems, or language barriers, you can ask for help from friends, Love Ukraine or NFDC. Try to address problems early. Remember, most hosts want to help but some may be finding it harder than they expected.

The Rent-a-Room scheme may be better for some Hosts – it creates a clear agreement and can provide up to £625/month funding tax free.



There could be many reasons why it is not possible to continue with your current host. There may be other hosts available that you could move to. There are various matching organisations in the UK that can help you to find a new host. Locally, you can speak with Love Ukraine Ringwood, New Forest Homes for Ukraine, or New Forest District Council. The sooner you begin speaking to matching organisations, the better your chances of finding a good match. 



Good private rental is very competitive.
The following will increase your chances:

* Prepare a detailed budget of what you can afford
* Talk to the job centre and your council about help available
* Prepare an outline about you to share with the Estate Agent

* Have character references available

* Build up your credit rating and have a deposit

* Sign up to search engines (Rightmove, Zoopla, or Facebook) 

* Be the first to appointments and make a decision immediately
* Take your host, a British friend, or NFDC with you to viewings

* Be flexible and decide quickly



If you have friends that you would be willing to share private rented accommodation with you, this could make it more affordable - both in terms of the rent and in terms of other monthly bills, such as internet, council tax, gas and electricity. 

To maximise your chances, agree with your friends how you will go about it and be clear about your expectations. You may all need to sign the rental contract with the letting agent or landlord. 

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